Digital Document Archives: Cross-Referencing and Accuracy Concerns

PDF Association member Gary Hodkinson offers a very thorough overview of digital document archiving, including storage, durability, software, file formats, conversion, benefits and more. He examines the benefits of PDF/A to law firms and its use by the U.S. Courts, but notes some overall archiving concerns as well.

“It is not just law firms that need to keep documents for a long period of time, but it sometimes feels like this industry takes the concept to a whole new level,” writes Hodkinson, Managing Director of LuraTech Ltd. “In addition to the thousands of paper documents nearly every firm accumulates, most companies now have the need to operate some form of digital document storage and make use of so-called ‘Document Management Systems’. This means that many law firms now have the need to maintain (at least) two types of document archive, ie paper and digital.”

“The aim of this article is to draw attention to the fact that there’s an underlying problem with digital document archiving, which may only present itself as a major problem in the future when there is a need to go back and view this digital data,” he continues. “The real risk is not whether someone can actually search, find and retrieve the digital information, but concerns whether it will be possible for the retrieved file to be viewed exactly as it was when it was created. Will the pages and images be displayed correctly, and will cross-references still be accurate?”

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


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