AIIM Research: Progress Toward a Paperless Workspace

Citing highly improved response time to customer inquiries, organizations responding to inquiries by AIIM for a research report said sharability and searchability were the biggest drivers for investment in scanning and capture technologies.

“Using data capture software improves the processing of high volumes of documentation, and also allows customizable sort and easy data entry for quick sharing and fast searching capabilities,” according to the AIIM research report The Paper Free Office – Dream or Reality. “This saves businesses the time and money that would otherwise be used to store and manually file documentation.”

Participants also reported they were “pleased to see a slight decrease in the consumption of paper and photocopying, specifically in larger organizations. Unfortunately, paper consumption and photocopying is not headed out the door anytime soon, as it is increasing by 32 percent in other organizations. Although businesses have not fully implemented a digital work space, research showed that investing in an all-electronic communication system can enhance work space, increase productivity, and most importantly benefit the environment.”

ABBYY, EMC, IBM, Kofax and Swiss Post Solutions assisted in the  study.

For more findings, read the report.

Country of Origin: United States

Source: AIIM and ABBYY

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