3D PDF Technology Receives Patent

UK-based Visual Technology Services says it has received a patent for its PDF3D Compression Technology called “Triangle Mesh Compression”.

The company claims its technology ” allows for embedding representations of complex 3D models, driving the need for high compression to allow collaborative communication and distribution, including as email attachments, and is particularly effective on terrain data,” says Ian Curington, CEO and co-author of the new patent.

He says the GB2477368 patent covers “proprietary methods used to compress large terrain grids, typical of digital elevation maps, bathymetric survey data, in a 3D triangle mesh surface packaged within a standard PDF file, such that the resulting document is up to 60% smaller and more efficient to communicate, while enabling the recipient to open and review the 3D model with rotation, pan, zoom, location probe, fly-through interaction.”

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Source: PRweb via JAGS Report

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