PDF Preflight standards

On May 14 David van Driessche will hold an English webinar from 4-5 pm CEST to introduce you to the different PDF related standards and how they are implemented and can be used in pdfToolbox. To check out the webinar time in your time zone, please click here.

On the agenda:
- Preflight standards from ISO: PDF/X and more
- PDF/X-Plus preflight standards from the GWG for specific market segments
- What profiles should I use? What’s with all the version numbers?
- Checking versus fixing – what to do when?
- GWG Proof of Preflight – protecting preflight results.
This is a free webinar and you can register here.


May 14, 2014 16:00 - 17:00


Contact: daniela.mahlke@fourpees.com