PDF/A in a Nutshell

Long-Term Archiving with PDF

PDF/A in a NutshellPDF/A is the PDF for long-term archiving. PDF/A – which was adopted at the end of 2005 – is the first file format which, since it is an ISO standard, guarantees that documents created today will also be able to be opened and used in the future. ‘PDF/A in a Nutshell’ allows the user to take a look behind the scenes of the standard and provides practical instructions on generating PDF/A that conforms with the stipulations of the standard in his or her working environment. This book also serves as a comprehensive introduction to a subject matter that is still very new as well as providing practical examples for different software tools and industry solutions able to generate and work with PDF/A.

Extracts from the content of the book:

  • Why PDF/A?
  • The PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b conformity levels
  • PDF/A with Acrobat 8 Professional
  • Archive PDFs from Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007
  • Scanning documents to create PDF/A and applying
  • text recognition
  • High-volume PDF/A creation
  • Validating PDF/A
  • Accessible PDF/A documents
  • Future-proof contracts
  • Forms in PDF/A
  • Fonts and images in PDF/A
  • Reliable colors on monitors and when printing

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