PDF/VT Competence Center

PDF_VT_CC_logo_100pxAn International Standard for Personalized Print

In August 2010, following 3 years of global collaboration by industry leaders, the International Standards Organization published PDF/VT, a.k.a. ISO 16612-2.

PDF/VT is built on the PDF imaging model, widely recognized as the richest and most robust in the graphics industry. Optimized for the specific needs of Variable (“V”) and Transactional (“T”) workflows, PDF/VT efficiently addresses the requirements of modern Variable Data Printing (VDP), bringing all the well-known advantages of PDF workflow to the world of personalized print.

PDF/VT uniquely satisfies the industry’s desire for complete job portability, page independence and device neutrality. The new Standard opens up new opportunities in digital printing by decoupling the complexities of VDP job authoring from the particular methods of print production. By simplifying the process, PDF/VT will yield benefits for all stakeholders: enterprises, marketers, designers and print professionals.

A leaflet about PDF/VT and about its relevance for personalized print can be downloaded here.