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JPDF2HTML5 is the leading commercial and Enterprise class solution for converting PDF to HTML5 and PDF to SVG.  JPDF2HTML5 provides an accurate and highly configurable solution for your PDF conversion needs which converts content into proper CSS/HTML5 used in modern browsers and on mobile devices.

Worldwide, organizations are using JPDF2HTML5 as part of a strategy to future proof their business and unlock the potential of document assets in a mobile world. Transform into the 21st century and take advantage of the mobile document viewing revolution.

There are multiple license models, to suit your needs.

Publishers are using our converter to turn their content into HTML5 and SVG to make the most of the Internet revolution. With its accuracy and flexibility, our PDF to HTML5/SVG converter provides the world’s most flexible document viewing solution.

The free online converter offers an easy way to try the technology online for free  and you can also view some example conversions.

You can also Download our free Trial.

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About IDRsolutions

IDR Solutions is a UK-based software company that specialises in Java PDF solutions for displaying any file on any device. IDR Solutions develop a Java PDF Library SDK, PDF to HTML5 / SVG Conversion Library, XFA & FDF to HTML5 Conversion Library and a Java Decoding and Encoding Library for Images.