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PDF Command Line Suite is a set of programs for the command line that process PDF documents individually and in batch mode. It enables you to process PDF documents easily without any programming effort on various operating systems.

Typical processing steps include merging and splitting PDF documents, creating bookmarks, extracting text or applying a company logo. It also performs tasks such as assembling or personalizing PDF documents and form filling.

Areas of Use

Document Preparation:
The creation of PDF documents containing numerous reports is commonplace. Now imagine creating one report per customer. This is achievable in one simple step with the pdsplit program.

Merging various source documents and applying a company logo is another example. This task is achieved with the pdcat program.

Other Areas of Use:

  • Preparing documents for printing and dispatch
  • Personalizing documents in web server applications or in batch processing (e.g. quotes for customers)
  • Completing form fields in batch processing mode (e.g. compiling reports from a database)
  • Document assembly, i.e. splitting and merging pages such as title page and blank pages, as well as enriching pages by adding logos, page numbering and other content

Release 4.3

Producer: PDF Tools AG

More information: http://www.pdf-tools.com/pdf/pdf-command-line-suite-shell.aspx?l=en-us

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