PDF Accessibility Checker 2.0 – PAC 2

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The freeware program PAC provides a fast way to test the accessibility of PDF files. PAC supports both experts as well as end users conducting accessibility evaluations.

The Matterhorn Protocol is designed to foster adoption of PDF/UA by providing a set of 31 Checkpoints and 136 Failure Conditions that help software developers exchange detailed information on PDF/UA conformance and create software to make it easier for document authors to create fully accessible PDF files and forms.

PAC ist recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C): PDF Techniques for WCAG 2.0

PDF Accessibility Checker 2.0

Producer: Access for all

More information: http://www.access-for-all.ch

About Access for all

“Access for All” is a recognised Swiss non profit organisation. Founded in november 2000 «Access for all» has campaigned for a greater public understanding of the problems concerning the accessibility of information and communication technology, in particular the internet for people with disabilities.