PDF(/A) converter service with SOAP / REST – Web-Service

The FileConverterPro is installed as a Windows service and provides functions for converting the most important document formats to PDF, PDF/A incl. OCR via a Web-Service interface (SOAP or REST).

In FCPro the same basic components are used as for FileConverter, PDFMerge and AutoOCR. Adaptations and extensions areavailable immediately in all of these programs in the same manner.

The web service interface of FCPro is compatible with the web service interface of AutoOCR so applications can run without modification with both services. Thus, e.g. our Alfresco / ifresco Transformer integration can be used without any changes both with AutoOCR (for pure OCR processing) or with the FCPro (to process all document formats including OCR).

Also for the FCPro service there is one .NET / C # sample application with EXE and source code. So the FCPro functions can be tested immediately or the code can be used as a basis for the integration of custom applications. Basic version is with PDF output. An extension to the OCR and PDF/A features is available.

See PDF Blog for most recent product information.

Also available now as Android App:
Free Android app available that works with our FileConverterPro and AutoOCR service.
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Producer: XKEY GmbH

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