DocPath® Business Suite Pro™


Similar to Business Suite Essential, but with more functionality. Besides printing documents with different output formats, such as QMF, PCL, GDI, PDF and Postscript. It generates documents in PDF electronic format and automatically emails or faxes them.

Do you need more document input, output and distribution options?

For a medium-size business, two factors cannot be neglected: improving its business processes and improving its customer service. DocPath has considered these factors in designing a solution to meet the needs of medium-size businesses.

DocPathBusiness Suite Pro is one of the most advanced Document Print and Output Management software solutions. It provides medium-size businesses the same sophisticated tools for designing professionally finished documents that DocPathBusiness Suite provides, but with a wider selection of input, output and distribution options.

The additional options include distribution to multiple printers, and faxing and emailing with the DocPath Mail & Fax Service™ module.

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