DocPath® Boulder Suite™


Solution that provides support and many advanced features to thousands of customers around the world who are still using InfoPrint® Designer. This tool allows the import of AFP projects and their conversion into resources that can be used with DocPath products, this means users will also benefit from the advantages offered by DocPath environments.

Convert Infoprint® Designer projects into DocPath resources

Years ago IBM® created InfoPrint Designer, this meant companies could benefit from the use of a handy tool to facilitate the development of AFP resources in System i platforms. Since then, user needs have grown exponentially, this created new demands that had to be addressed, among these demands were the use of high-quality graphics and use of color. The answer to these requirements is DocPath Boulder Suite, a DocPath solution that provides support and many advanced features to thousands of customers around the world that still use InfoPrint Designer. This solution will help them migrate easily and efficiently to more modern and powerful environments.

For this purpose, Boulder Suite incorporates DocPath InfoPrint Designer Enhancement Module, which allows the import of AFP projects created with Infoprint Designer and their conversion into usable resources for DocPath products. This ensures a quick and simple evolution to DocPath environments, which provides advanced capabilities such as printing, electronic distribution by mail, fax, and online document generation in real time.

Boulder Suite responds to the changing needs of InfoPrint Designer users and provides a range of new benefits for example a new modern and intuitive interface, using existing infrastructure, high quality graphics, the ability to use new bar codes and automatic management of the connection to System i environments. With Boulder Suite, the whole process is executed by DocPath, helping companies become independent when carrying out communications management tasks.

DocPath Boulder Suite Features:

  • Easy import: Import AFP projects and AFPDS files created with InfoPrint Designer in two simple steps, using a wizard. Compatible with DocPath versions 4.0 and 4.1.
  • Work with imported projects and document generation: The solution allows the modification of imported designs using the design tool DocPath Designer. Also includes a simple and modern interface for modifying the extraction logic

Scalable Suite

To accommodate the requirements of each client, DocPath offers three different versions of the Boulder Suite Solution, based on printing needs and the use of new means and formats when issuing documents:

DocPath Boulder Suite Essential

This version provides easy import means, working with those imported projects and dynamic generation of documents, this solution offers one print output and is geared to companies with basic printing requirements.

DocPath Boulder Suite Pro

Includes all the previous features of Boulder Suite Essential, however, the Pro version incorporates multiple output options and distribution via printers, fax and email.

DocPath Boulder Suite Advanced

This solution is geared towards users which require high-volume printing processes, this version not only offers multiple output options and distribution via printers, fax and email, but also allows an unlimited number of printouts.

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