Appligent PDF Forms API

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Core library used to build FDFMerge and FDFMerge Lite now available for use in your own compiled applications.

The Appligent PDF Forms API is the library, or engine, which drives the Appligent FDFMerge and FDFMerge Lite applications. All of the capabilities of FDFMerge are available through a C Language library interface.  As a C Library; the Appligent PDF Forms API can be called from any programming language which can call a C Library; including, C, C++, C#, .Net, Java, etc.

What does the Appligent PDF Forms API do?

The Appligent PDF Forms API fills (populates) data into PDF forms. You can dynamically deliver live user-fillable forms or “flattened” forms so field data cannot be changed. Filled in forms can be opened in Adobe Reader. You can also fill in high volumes of PDF forms on your server for archive, print or other purposes.

In addition to combining forms and data, the API can:

  • Flatten forms—remove the active field and stamp the field contents directly onto the PDF document
  • Supports Extensible Markup Language ( XML) to specify form field data
  • Process multiple forms using one field data file
  • Saves as Fast Web view ( Linearize )
  • Saves Encrypted with document permissions

In addition, a FormInfo data file can be used with the API to dynamically provide:

  • Partial form flattening—you can flatten the entire form, or specify individual fields to flatten
  • Additional support for fonts—specify font information for form fields
  • Individual field Font Color using Grayscale, RGB or CMYK Colors
  • Individual field Character Spacing, Word Spacing and Line Spacing
  • Individual field Justification and Crop
  • Individual field Border and Background Visibility
  • Individual field Border and Background Color using Grayscale, RGB or CMYK Colors
  • Unicode to place Chinese, Japanese or Korean (CJK) data in form fields
  • Stamp PDF Pages from Mulit-Page PDF files onto any form fields
  • Stamp JPEG or TIF images onto any form fields

The library provides the same high-level forms functionality available in Appligents’ industry-leading FDFMerge server application.

Supported Compilers

Microsoft Windows
* Operating System: Windows Vista, XP and 2008 Server
* Compiler: MS Visual Studio .NET 2005 SP1 (C/C++)

Linux (i686)
* Operating System: Redhat WS 4
* Compiler: gcc v4.1.0

IBM pSeries (AIX) RS/6000s
* Operating System: AIX v5.2
* Compiler: XL C/C++ v6.0; gcc v4.1.0

Apple Macintosh (Intel only)
* Operating System: OS X 10.5 or greater
* Compiler: XCode 3.0

Oracle Sun Solaris (UltraSparc II)
* Operating System: 32-bit Solaris 10
* Compiler: gcc v4.1.0

Producer: Appligent Document Solutions

More information:

About Appligent Document Solutions

Appligent Document Solutions is one of the oldest and most innovative independent PDF technology companies in the world, with customers in the government, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, publishing and legal sectors, among others. The company invented PDF redaction and form-flattening and was first to market with PDF-specific server applications for forms, stamping, appending, encryption and digital signatures, all available on the leading server OS platforms.