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Action PDF ServerCentralized document creation and distribution

Actino PDF Server is a server-based solution which enables enterprises to provide and manage centralized PDF-creation services for all workplaces.

Windows- and MacOS-user are able to output their documents to PDF from any application using virtual printers. All files are generated in optimized size, resolution and security to adress quality requirements and compliance regulations.

Administrators use a powerful and intuitive user interface to manage and monitor workflows which help to design, automate and control the single tasks.

The newly created PDF are stored in user folders or transferred to follow-up processes to enhance or distribute the documents.

  • Server-based solution for network environments
  • PDF creation from Win, MacOS and Linux clients
  • Truecolor and large format documents
  • Optimized PDF for web, office, archiving and printing
  • Intuitive user interface for both client and admin
  • Scalable workflow system
  • Modular setup
  • Integration in AD, workflow- or ECM systems
  • Conversion based on the gDoc core library
  • Interpretation of PDFmarks
  • Effective pricing for enterprises and institutions

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