3-Heights™ PDF Creator Library

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The 3-Heights™ PDF Creator Library is a component for creating documents compliant with PDF/A-1. The interface is based on an intelligible object model that is in turn based on the function scope for PDF/A-1. The interface is designed to enable easy extension.

It is continuously adapted to new requirements, for instance, further developments to the PDF/A standard. The component ensures compliance with all PDF/A rules such as formatting specifications, embedding fonts and colour profiles, etc.

Areas of Use

PDF Generation:
Programmatic creation of any PDF/A-compliant document, whereby its content can stem from any source such as a database or webpage form.

Other Areas of Use:

  • Creation of customised documents such as quotes, policies, mail merge, etc.
  • Mass production of invoices, reports, etc.
  • PDF creation “on-the-fly” in web server applications
  • “Save as PDF/A” function in application programs
  • Import images and text in PDF/A documents

Producer: PDF Tools AG

More information: http://www.pdf-tools.com/pdf/pdf-creator-library-api-create.aspx

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