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The 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer is a compact and sophisticated component for viewing PDF documents. It supports raster images such as TIFF and JPEG in addition to PDF and provides an option to print the document on display. The PDF Viewer component allows the creation of applications that offer the user restricted functionality only. This can be used to suppress saving or printing, for instance. The component is also available as OCX. It can be integrated in many types of application such as rich clients and web applications.

The Viewer is designed for professional use where its highly developed technology can realize its full potential. In addition to characteristics such as high visual fidelity and support for documents in any language the Viewer also displays documents PDF/A-compliant.

Areas of Use

All Corporate Areas:
The 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer is an independent and lean component. It is generally suitable for use in all corporate areas to preserve memory resources, reduce load times and minimize security risks.

Software Manufacture/OEM:
The PDF Viewer can be integrated in software solutions as an independent viewer and is also suitable for handhelds and tablet PCs. Its appearance can be adapted to user requirements to a considerable degree.

Other Areas of Use:

  • Display and print PDF/A, PDF and image documents from within applications
  • Display surface (control) without control elements
  • CD-ROM (direct start without installation)
  • Memory sticks (small footprint)
  • PDF Viewer browser control for web applications
  • Signature applications (secure viewing)
  • Security environments (nuclear power plants, military installations, laboratories, etc.)

Producer: PDF Tools AG

More information: http://www.pdf-tools.com/pdf/pdf-viewer-pdfa-reader-view.aspx

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PDF Tools AG counts more than 4,000 companies and organizations in 60 countries among its customers, making it one of the world’s leading producers of software solutions and programming components for PDF and PDF/A products.