3-Heights™ PDF Merge Split

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3-Heights™ PDF Merge Split is a component for splitting and merging the pages of PDF and PDF/A compliant documents with practical additional functions.

In addition to its main functions of splitting and merging, the application can also rotate pages, copy or add metadata and other document attributes such as document outlines, form fields, color profiles for output devices and much more, as well as flattening form fields.

It can also process multiple input and output documents simultaneously. A special feature is the component’s ability to process and create PDF/A-compliant files.

Areas of Use

Customer Files:
Sort individual documents such as scanned documents, generated reports, correspondence, etc., by customer and reassemble to form a file for each customer.

Packetize and archive forms by date, ensuring that completed form fields in the documents are rendered unchangeable (flattening).

Mail Dispatch:
Split and merge large PDF documents converted from print data streams (COLD) so they can be assigned to envelopes.

Other Areas of Use:

  • Assembling reports from different individual documents or fragments thereof
  • Adding further pages such as title pages to documents
  • Removing unwanted pages, for instance, blank pages
  • Packetizing individual invoices to large batches for archiving, for instance daily and monthly processing

Release 4.3

Producer: PDF Tools AG

More information: http://www.pdf-tools.com/pdf/pdf-merge-split-files-manipulate.aspx?l=en-us

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