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The 3-Heights™ PDF Analysis & Repair component detects and repairs corrupted PDF documents in automated processing procedures. It repairs defective or illegible PDF documents or restores them as far as possible.

Incorrect PDF creation or manipulation, faulty FTP transfers, system crashes during creation, network interruptions or incomplete copying can all render PDF documents illegible.

This can result in the loss of important data and, as a consequence, the loss of information or production downtimes.

The 3-Heights™ PDF Analysis & Repair component analyses PDF documents with regard to PDF specifications and repairs them where indicated. It extracts legible content such as images or page fragments from irreparable documents and saves the data as a new document.

Areas of Use

The component enables quality checks to be carried out prior to archiving. Defective PDF documents are repaired in good time or removed from the archiving process.

Incoming Mail:
Incoming or scanned PDF documents received as mail are thoroughly analyzed and repaired on the basis of a customized profile. This process subjects PDF documents to a strict quality control check before they are released for use in document management systems, workflow and other business processes.

Outgoing Mail:
It is also possible to use the PDF Analysis & Repair component to apply quality controls to outgoing mail. Documents are checked prior to conversion to a print format such as PCL or Postscript to avoid rejects and idle time, thus increasing efficiency. It should be assured that recipients of PDF documents dispatched by email receive a legible and utilizable PDF document.

Other Areas of Use:

  • Quality assurance
  • Correction of systematic errors

Release 4.3

Producer: PDF Tools AG

More information: http://www.pdf-tools.com/pdf/pdf-analysis-repair-corrupt-files.aspx?l=en-us

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