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SEAL Systems provides solutions for Corporate Output Management, SAP, PLM, Conversion and Publishing which help creatie, administer and distribute documents.

SAP and PDF/A – PDF/A in Product Life Cycle

With its integrated document management system, SAP enables a number of document-heavy business processes in industrial companies to be depicted. Documents are not only stored and found on the basis of their metadata – they are also directly linked with their usage in business processes. This procedure is based on practical experience, which tells us that the vast majority of documents in a company have a usage in ordering, production, maintenance, quality assurance etc. which is already defined when the document in question is created. In all cases, long-term reproducibility is required, so PDF/A recommends itself as the file format. [...]

PDF/A in Product Life Cycle – Engineering Requirements for PDF/A

PDF (Portable Document Format) and the standard PDF/A are now being used in more and more sectors. Companies in the area of discrete manufacturing are not the only ones to profit from this standard for long-term archiving. All business processes that require documents that are secure and can be reproduced should align themselves to the new standard PDF/A. [...]