Michael Obenland works at the Center for Radiotherapy in Singen, Germany.

He was born in 1958 and holds an advanced degree in computer science (Diplom-Informatiker). Following his studies he worked as a freelancer and has gained over 25 years experience in the medical branch as a health physicist and health physics expert. The introduction of digital records has considerably expanded this field of work in the area of computer technology and security.

, Germany

From Medical Forms to PDF/A Documents

The “Praxis für Strahlentherapie” in Singen is a radiotherapy practice. We treat around 140 people a day with a staff of more than 20 people. The institution was built new from scratch in 2007, so we had the advantage of no inherited bad habits and were able to define our workflow without inherited burden. A good workflow is essential for every radiotherapy institution. Nearly all of the patients who come to us for treatment have had some other previous treatments (surgery, chemotherapy…). They come to us with a pile of papers describing treatments, actual blood values and diagnostic findings. Using the information we get we make a therapy plan, the therapy is carried out and in the end a letter is sent to every clinic or physician involved. [...]

From Medical Forms to PDF/A Documents – Archiving Patient Forms in Radiotherapy

The combination of PDF/A and qualified digital signatures is a secure and court-proof way for long-term medical data storage. Handling is easy and becomes a routine process over time. The PDF/A conversion however is done manually, taking time (and therefore money…). A better integration of the PDF/A storage format into the big standard applications would be the next logical step in establishing PDF/A. [...]