Dr. Jens Bücking (LL.D), lawyer and specialist solicitor in the area of information technology law, is a founding partner of the law office e/s/b Rechtsanwälte (http://www.kanzlei. de). Moreover, he is a technical writer in the area of IT law and assistant lecturer at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. Dr. Bücking advises industries, businesses and public authorities about IT projects. In this role, he also supports the training of employees and all of the outlining contracts in accordance with labor laws in the IT and user environment.

Stuttgart, Germany

Compliance for E-Mails and Digital Documents

The legal burden on organisations is becoming increasingly heavy. For one thing, files that are relevant to taxation may have to be archived for ten years or more; and they must be kept in a form that ensures they can be audited. Moreover, management can also be held personally responsible for the security of data and systems that are important to their business operations. [...]