Enrico Entschew, Business Graduate, born 1974, has over ten years of practical experience in the field of electronic signatures. Directly after completing his studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Wildau, he was the project manager in one of the first German signature projects and was responsible for the introduction of this technology. Since 2002, Enrico Entschew has worked in various roles for the signature software manufacturer secrypt GmbH in Berlin and, in this role, has been responsible for indirect sales for secrypt GmbH. In addition, he works in various professional associations and bodies (e.g. VOI e.V, Teletrust e.V and various competence centers) to further distribute the signature technology.

Berlin, Germany

Legal Requirements of Cross-Border Signed Documents

We can no longer imagine life today without electronic signatures. This is the procedure that is recognized world-wide and that was established by relevant laws in Europe in order to build trust in electronic documents in the electronic world. They are used to protect electronic documents from unseen manipulation. [...]