Bernhard Zöller, President Zöller & Partner GmbH, Vice-Chairman VOI Zöller & Partner GmbH is a vendor and product neutral consulting company, focussed on the fields of document management, enterprise content management and electronic archiving. Since we also intensively deal on a technical / functional level with implementing these solutions, the subject of archiving formats and its detailed aspects are a constant theme in virtually all DMS and archiving projects. This was already the case 25 years ago as Bernhard Zöller conducted the first consulting project and study at Diebold Germany during the early stages of the market. But only since the approval of PDF/A have the users had an ISO standardized format for long-term archiving available to them. Accordingly, the consulting work is also comprised of solution concepts and component selection, including creation, rendition, viewing and other format relevant components. Bernhard Zöller is vice-chairman in the VOI. The partnership between the VOI and the PDF/A Competence Center is coordinated in an executive team, where Bernhard Zöller is the contact person for technical questions. Zöller & Partner GmbH is also a member of the PDF/A Competence Center.

Pros and Cons of PDF/A for Long-Term Archiving

How the times have changed! There are hardly any more silly discussions about why TIFF is audit-proof (it actually never was) but not PDF. Or why PDF files can be manipulated (correct, as with every other document format) and TIFF presumably not (although due to its simple bitmap structure, it’s actually easier to edit a TIFF than a PDF). Some three years after having been published as an ISO standard, the opinion about PDF/A has completely changed, thanks in part to the countless publications and presentations about PDF/A. PDF and PDF/A are the preferred formats in the DMS / archiving market. [...]