Andreas Bergmann is employed by Siemens AG A&D in Germany.

He finished his studies 2007 with a diploma in computer science at the TU Berlin with focuses in “Parallel and distributed systems” and “Databases an information systems”. Beside his academic studies he gained experiences in developing PDF to HTML and PDF to Word translators. Andreas Bergmann joined the Siemens I IA&DT PLM Application Centre in September 2007. He is responsible for the development and support of the format conversion and archiving modules in the PLM System(s).

, Germany

PDF/A in Siemens I IA&DT PLM Environment

This paper describes how PDF/A is used in Siemens I IA (Industry Automation) & DT (Drives Technology) PLM systems. It describes the problems and solutions from the introduction of PDF/A in 2007 to the plans for the next years. [...]