PDF Days Europe 2014: Agenda

«PDF Days in Europe 2014» will start with the Educational Day – three tracks of presentations on a wide range of PDF topics, including introductory sessions for end-users and technical updates for developers and integrators.

The Solutions Day will focus on tried and proven ways to successfully put PDF to work: reports from customer projects, best practices for users and developers, tutorials on archiving, how to protect your published documents against unlicensed use, how to make your PDF files accessible, and more. Solutions Day attendees may elect to drop in on the co-located iText Summit.

While about two thirds of the presentations are offered in English, throughout the conference there will be at least one presentation in German at any time.

On the evening of the first conference day, a Mediterranean buffet will offer a nice opportunity for socialising and networking.

Those interested in soccer will have the opportunity to view the broadcast transmission of the FIFA World Cup Game «Germany—Portugal» in one of the conference rooms.

More information about the event can be found on the PDF Days Europe 2014 page!

Monday, June 16, 2014 – Educational Day

10:00Keynote - PDF or not PDF
Frank Easton, HUK Coburg
Lessons learned from integrating PDF in an archiving solution.
10:307 minutes with a PDF standard
Olaf DrüŸmmer, Dr. Uwe WŠächter, Martin Bailey, Carsten Heiermann, Francois Fernandes, Leonhard Rosenthol, PDF-Experts
Track chair: Thomas Zellmann
Track chair: Olaf DrŸümmer
Vorträge in deutscher Sprache
Presentations in German
Moderation: H.-J. HŸübner
11:45The back alleys of PDF
Leonard Rosenthol, Adobe
Explore some features of PDF you may not know about

PDF 2.0
Francois Fernandes, levigo solutions Gmbh
What is new in PDF 2.0 and what will be possible with 2.0
Dr. Bernd Wild, intarsys consulting GmbH
Elektronische Rechnungen auch fŸür kleine und mittelstŠändische Unternehmen machbar
13:30PDF/UA Basics
Markus Erle, Wertewerk
Easy ways to make PDF documents accessible
7 cases for the PDF support detectives
Bruno Lowagie, iText
Real-world PDF mysteries unveiled
Mobile PDF
Michael Karbe, Carsten Heiermann, Dr. Bernd Wild, Arbeitsgruppe Mobiles PDF
Anwendungsbeispiele fŸür das Scannen, die Freigabe und rechtsverbindliches Unterzeichnen von PDF Dokumenten auf mobilen GerŠäten
Carsten Heiermann, LuraTech
What is PDF/A and usage examples
PDF and its implementation in a community process
Maruan Sahyoun, FileAffairs GmbH
How a community of volunteers develops the PDFBox ÐÊa framework for PDF documents in the context of the Apache Software Foundation
Responsive Publishing dank PDF/UA
Markus Müller-Trabucchi, SRZ Berlin
Mehr als Barriefreiheit: Wie erschließe ich anspruchsvolle Publikationen fŸür die Extraktion von Inhalten, die Wandlung in EPUB und XML und die optimierte Metadatenindexierung
15:30Building on PDF/VT
Martin Bailey, Global Graphics
Variable data without heart attacks
What is unique about PDF rendering?
Dr. Hans BŠärfuss, PDF Tools AG
PDF has its unique 2D graphics paradigm. What is special about PDF rendering? Why can't I use standard graphics libraries to build a PDF rendering engine?
E-Mails als PDF archivieren
Dietrich von Seggern, callas software GmbH
Ei des Kolumbus oder Holzweg?
16:15Reconvene for plenary session
16:30 – 17:15What you might have missed today!
Olaf DrŸümmer, Thomas Zellmann, H.-J. HŸübner
Wrap-up – Reports from the track moderators about the session highlights of the day
18:00Evening Event


Tuesday, June 17, 2014 – Solution Day

9:005 Minutes with a PDF solution
Markus Erle (Wertewerk), Bruno Lowagie (iText), Damiano Viscardi (soluzionisubito), Mike Clarke (Mimotek), Olaf DrŸümmer (callas software GmbH & axaio software GmbH), Carsten Heiermann (LuraTech GmbH), Markus MŸüller-Trabucchi (SRZ)
A breath-taking relay race of vendors presenting their solution in just 5 minutes
(in deutscher Sprache)
9:45Archiving emails as PDF/A
Dietrich von Seggern, callas software GmbH
How to efficiently ensure long term archiving and retrieval of email communication
Non Flat PDFs
Ulrich Isermeyer, Adobe Systems GmbH
Dynamic content, forms, portfolios, 3D, embedded movies and interactive PDF - advanced features beyond static ePaper
PDF/UA Kompakt-Workshop
Olaf DrüŸmmer (callas software GmbH), Markus Erle (Wertewerk)
Wie Sie aus Word und InDesign viele Dokumente fast ohne zusŠätzlichen Aufwand als barrierefreies PDF erstellen kšönnen
11:00Document Conversion to PDF/A
Thomas Zellmann, LuraTech
PDF/A for Scanned and Born Digital Documents
PDF in Portals
Francois Fernandes, levigo solutions gmbh
Using PDF built-in structures and techniques to enrich web portals with additional possibilities
PDF/UA Kompakt-Workshop

(Fortsetzung des Workshops)
11:45Hands on
Carsten Heiermann, LuraTech
Examples, Use Cases and Best Practices
Direct Publishing
Dr. Uwe WŠächter, SEAL Systems AG
Herstellung von komplexen PDF-basierten Produktdokumentationen aus DMS oder PLM
PDF/UA Kompakt-Workshop

(Fortsetzung des Workshops)
13:30Creating acessibe PDF/UA documents with Adobe InDesign
Olaf DrŸümmer, axaio software GmbH
10 tips and tricks for achieving good results with little extra effort
pdfToolbox and pdfaPilot in the cloud
Damiano Viscardi, Soluzionisubito
Deploy callas server products on Amazon Web Services for zero-downtime production
PDF/A Kompakt-Workshop
Thomas Zellmann (LuraTech GmbH), Dietrich von Seggern (callas software GmbH)
Wie man in der Praxis aus Papierdokumenten und Scans, Office-Dateien und E-Mail archivtaugliches PDF/A erzeugt.
14:15Preparing and optimizing PDF for print
Hauke Marc Heusmann, callas software GmbH
Take the alarm out of the preparation of flyers, brochures, roll-up displays, or business cards
Automatisierte Umwandlung von Dokumenten in PDF/A
Ulrich Altorfer, PDF Tools AG
Eine unternehmensweite, skalierbare und robuste Lšösung mit Zusatznutzen
PDF/A Kompakt-Workshop

(Fortsetzung des Workshops)
15:30Save your intellectual property with PDF
Michael Karbe, Actino Software GmbH
Secured and controlled document distribution for enterprises, integrators and publishers
Signaturen und Zeitstempel in PDF - Sign Live! CC zeigt wie es geht.
Dr. Bernd Wild, intarsys consulting GmbH
Was Sie schon immer Ÿber Signieren und PrŸfen von PDF Dokumenten wissen wollten, aber bisher ohne Antwort blieb
PDF/A Kompakt-Workshop

(Fortsetzung des Workshops)
16:15End of the Solution Day

PDF Days Europe 2014 is co-located with the iText Summit.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 – iText Summit

9:45iText Keynote
Bruno Lowagie, iText
iText's technical roadmap and the future of iText
11:00iText for Archiving and Accessibility
Raf Hens/Alexander Chingarev, iText
How to create PDF/A and PDF/UA documents using iText.
How to fill out forms and merge documents, preserving their accessibility.
11:45PDF and Testing
Micha‘l Demey, iText
Peek into the internal kitchen of iText Quallity Assurance: how we test PDFs at iText.
13:30Templates for PDF
Koen Dehaen (Carpass/Roots Software), Pieter Robberechts (FOD Justitie)
iText strategies for the mass production of documents based on templates: two user stories presented by iText customers
14:15PDF and Workflow
Klaas Bals (Inventive Group), Michallis Pashidis (Trust1Team)
The position of PDF in the BPM eco-system: use cases presented by iText customers
15:30Text and structure recognition in PDF - Wrap up
Raf Hens/Alexander Chingarev, iText
Examining the content of PDF documents with the goal to add interactive features such as links, bookmarks and annotations: an iText project for a health care service provider.
16:15End of the iText Summit

In order to register please go to http://de.amiando.com/pdf-days-europe-2014

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