PDF/A in a Nutshell 2.0 – online edition

PDF for long-term archiving

PDF/A in a NutshellPDF/A is an ISO standard for using the PDF format for long-term archiving of digital documents. Since its publication in 2005, PDF/A has become the format of choice for archiving digital documents in a wide range of industries and applications. “PDF/A in a Nutshell 2.0” provides a comprehensive introduction to the material and shows off the latest developments available with PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3. The brochure provides information about PDF/A tools and strategies for creating and validating PDF/A files. Examples from around the world demonstrate how users in the areas of finance, administration, academia and law can benefit from PDF/A.


About the author: Alexandra Oettler has worked for years as a freelance journalist in the areas of software, print and media. Her work is regularly published in specialist journals on the subject of prepress in practice, software technology and financial developments in the publishing sector. She regularly writes news and background reports for the online editions of several journals. She also was one of the co-authors of the first edition of “PDF/A in a Nutshell”.

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About PDF Association

Founded in 2006 as the PDF/A Competence Center, the PDF Association exists to promote the adoption and implementation of International Standards for PDF technology.

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