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PAC 2: First Beta version including PDF/UA check

The Swiss foundation «Access for all» announced the first Beta version of PAC 2. PAC (PDF Accessibility Checker) is a free tool, which has now [...]

Free eBook: Creating PDF Forms for Government

At Ted’s Website Ted Padova has published a free eBook “Creating PDF Forms for Government”. Among several other topics the book also contains a whole chapter [...]

Official release of axaio MadeToTag

Much easier, much faster and more reliable preparation of Adobe InDesign files for export to tagged PDF: Until June 30th, 2013 free of charge usage! [...]

Blindenleitstreifen auf Gehweg

Focus seminar: Accessible PDF and the new PDF/UA standard (Amsterdam, March 19, 2013)

PDF/UA is coming to Amsterdam! Pick up everything you need to know about how to create accessible PDF from your InDesign documents in just one packed day. [...]

Verlagsgruppe Weltbild creates shipping documents step by step by merging PDF files

Verlagsgruppe WELTBILD has an awareness rating of 85 per cent (GfK 2011) and is the most well-known book brand and the leading book company in [...]

PDF/A seminar in Helsinki January 16, – January 17, 2013 at the National Archives Service of Finland

  A seminar about PDF/A, PDF/E and 3D PDF is presented by the PDF/A Competence Center in cooperation with the Finnish Business Archives Association. Presentations will [...]

Video Streams from the Technical Conference 2012

Presentations given at the Technical Conference 2012 organized by the PDF Association, March 27-28, 2012 in Basel, Switzerland are now available, and can be found [...]

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Duff Johnson: Why validation?

Duff Johnson: Why validation? – This presentation was given at the Technical Conference 2012 of the PDF Association, March 27-28, 2012 in Basel, Switzerland. [...]

Seminar: PDF/A, PDF/E and 3D PDF in Finnland

The PDF Association and Finnish Business Archives Association hold a PDF/A seminar at the National Archives in Helsinki [...]