Monthly Archives: October 2012

callas software releases pdfaPilot version 4

Support for the new PDF/A-3 standard and the PDF/UA standard for accessibility, export of PDF to EPUB for mobile publishing, process plans and much more… [...]

LEADTOOLS WinRT Module Released

LEADTOOLS WinRT Module Released – New Add-on Product Extends LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging Technology to Windows Store Apps [...]

Naehas Chooses Compart for Better Quality, Lower Costs, Less Effort

As direct marketing capabilities have expanded, and campaigns have become more complex, ensuring quality has become more difficult. In addition, projects such as affinity group [...]

Compart’s Custom Comparison Apps Give Japs-Olson Company More Confidence in Variable Direct Mail Proofing and Production Quality

Japs-Olson Company is an industry leader providing direct mail and commercial printing services. Founded in 1907, Japs-Olson today employs more than 600 people and operates [...]

Document Management in Bavaria

It all started with fire insurance. When the “Allgemeine Brandversicherungsanstalt” (General Fire Insurance Company) was founded in 1811, a company was born that would join [...]

Peaceful Coexistence

The discussion on the intelligence and use of digital mail continues. Critics bemoan the somewhat tedious process of authentication. In Germany, for example, users need [...]

Present on All Channels

Throughout the world, the volume of physical documents is shrinking. Current surveys by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) cite a double-digit percentile drop. Many companies [...]

PDF Association to begin a series of seminars on the PDF/UA standard

Next week, the PDF Association will begin a series of seminars, travelling to a widespread set of destinations, on the subject of the recently published ISO PDF/UA standard (UA for Universal Accessibility). The first event will be on the 22nd of October 2012 in Stuttgart, with seminars to follow in Copenhagen, Bern, Zurich, Berlin, Munich and Amsterdam. [...]