Monthly Archives: May 2012

White Paper: PDF/A and Health Care

The White Paper “PDF/A in Health Care” explains PDF/A and shows the use of PDF/A in various fields. The paper also presents case studies and solutions respectiveliy products of our members. [...]

Accessibility: Is Your Website Section 508 Compliant?

Every aspect from navigation to website text to images to downloadable documents should be available to those who use assistive technology. While it is not a legal mandate — yet — if you provide information technology products for the US government, it’s a requirement. [...]

PDF/UA icon.

The Case for PDF/UA

Duff Johnson discusses PDF/UA, Headings and WCAG 2.0 in a recent series of articles on his Logical Structures blog. [...]

PDF/UA & WCAG 2.0: Adobe Systems’ View

Adobe Systems posts on the Adobe Accessibility blog about PDF/UA and its relationship to WCAG 2.0. [...]

Hyper.Net Enterprise Email Converter

The Hyper.Net Enterprise Email Converter automatically and intelligently converts every relevant email in your business—including all embedded content and attachments—into an intuitively structured PDF or PDFA file with a table of contents. [...]