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PDF/A: Boon or Bane of the US Legal Market?

The ever-increasing use of the archival version of the PDF standard brings with it many questions, both from individual users and from support teams. We can help. [...]

PDF Association’s Technical Conference 2012 Creates a New Expert Forum for PDF Standards

Targeted toward developers, system integrators, technical decision-makers and product managers, the PDF Association’s first Technical Conference 2012 will take place in Basel, March 27-28, 2012. The conference is open to both PDF Association member organizations and interested non-members as well. [...]

DocsCorp ILTA Roadshow

In today’s modern law office, PDF should be firmly entrenched and embedded in legal applications, processes and systems to enhance legal workflow, increase productivity and streamline efficiency. With the impending introduction of requirements to submit PDF/A documents to the courts, law offices are now also having to learn and implement workflows to create valid PDF/A documents. Attend this informative session to learn more about managing your PDF content, regardless of what software you currently use for creating PDFs. [...]


Content Crawler is an integrated analysis, reporting and processing framework that empowers Document Management Professionals with a range of services for managing high-value documents in Content Repositories more efficiently and more reliably. [...]


Compare MS Word documents, compare PDF documents. Even compare MS Word to PDF instantly! [...]


Integrates with your business applications, scanners and document management system to create, manage and share your business-critical documents as secure PDF documents.

ISO Standards: Update from Bellevue

The twice-annual PDF Standards Week for the winter of 2011-2012 was hosted by Microsoft in their Bravern facility in Bellevue, Washington during the first week of December, 2011. Present to conduct the meetings were delegates from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, the UK and the US. This article summarizes developments in Bellevue. [...]

Altona Test Suite 2.0 Technical Page 2 Released

The European Color Initiative has made Technical Page 2 available for the Altona Test Suite 2.0. According to the EIC, the test suite “offers a unique method to test components and systems in digital prepress and print workflows for their capability to process PDF/X-4.” [...]

PDF/UA: Setting the Standards for PDF Accessibility

A good overview of PDF/UA for the layman has been published on the University of Illinois, Chicago website. It provides some of the history behind it and explains why PDF/UA is needed. “…when you are developing PDF files using tools, make sure the PDF tools you buy and use support PDF/UA,” writes Kevin Price. “You will no longer have to shut out the needs of people with disabilities in the development of your PDF file if you use PDF/UA accessibility standards.” [...]

Files That Last: PDF/A for Long-Term Archiving

“Good software for generating PDF usually includes a PDF/A option,” writes blogger Gary McGath. He takes a look at the restrictions required to comply with PDF/A and its long-term benefits. [...]