What’s PDF Week?

A quick update on what's coming at PDF Week this December in Bellevue, WA.

If you are reading this and already know that you’re going to be in Bellevue, Washington in the first week of December, the chances are that you are already planning to attend PDF Week!

For others who might not be quite so obsessed, “PDF week” is an informal name for a meeting of ISO Committees that operate and develop several international standards for everyone’s favorite file format.

PDF Week happens (generally) twice a year, sometimes with the larger TC 171 SC 2 committees, sometimes not. In Bellevue, it’ll be all PDF, all the time. On the table for discussion December 5-8:

  • ISO 32000-2, this is one of the last chances for substantive input into PDF 2.0, the next version of PDF itself.
  • ISO 14289-1, the 2nd DIS ballot for PDF/ UA- 1 closed in September 2011 with 100% approval. We sincerely hope that this is the last meeting prior to publication of this long-awaited Standard for Accessible PDF!
  • While ISO 19005-2 was published over the summer, we anticipate completion of ISO 19005-3, in relatively short order. -3 represents only a very minor change, technically speaking, but one that offers substantial functionality to a variety of larger users of PDF/A.
  • ISO 24517 (PDF/E) is working towards part 2 in which it will encompass 3D and encryption technologies in the Engineering subset PDF Standard.

If you are interested in any of these subjects and live in a TC 171 country (there’s a list), you may be eligible to attend these meetings. We can help you with this, just get in touch.

About PDF Association

Founded in 2006 as the PDF/A Competence Center, the PDF Association exists to promote the adoption and implementation of International Standards for PDF technology.

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