Isartor Test Suite (Terms of Use & Download)

It can be used to check PDF validation software and software vendors can use it to "certify" that their products conform in full or in part to the Isartor test suite.

Terms of Use

The Isartor test suite is available from free of charge. The PDF/A Competence Center, developer of the test suite, holds all rights in the test suite contents and its associated documentation. The following rights are granted free of charge to anyone:

  • The right to use the Isartor test suite to check PDF validation software.
  • The right for a software vendor or distributor to issue a declaration to the effect that the software produced or distributed by the vendor or distributor partially or completely conforms to the Isartor test suite. A detailed list of test results must be made available as part of the declaration.
  • The right to analyze the internal structure of the files comprising the Isartor test suite with the sole purpose of determining PDF/A conformance.

All other rights are reserved, and other uses are not covered by these terms of use. For clarity, using the Isartor test suite as the basis for certifying third-party products (i.e. the software vendor/distributor and the certifying agency are separate entities) is not allowed. Redistributing all or parts of the Isartor test suite is also not allowed. Using the Isartor test suite in a way which is not covered by the list of free rights above requires a written license agreement with the PDF/A Competence Center.

Copyright © 2011 PDF/A Competence Center,

Please contact if you have any questions regarding the terms of use and redistribution policy.

Download Isartor Test Suite
Download ZIP (4MB) containing Isartor test suite and manual.

Download Manual
Isartor test suite for PDF/A-1b (Version 1.0; August 2008)

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