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PDF/VT Honored with 2011 InterTech™ Technology Award

Printing Industries of America has awarded the 2011 InterTech™ Technology Award to the ISO standard PDF/VT. The award is given to technologies that are assessed as particularly innovative and will have a sustainable impact on the printing industry. Many companies’ products – such as callas software GmbH, Berlin – already support PDF/VT and a wave of PDF/VT-product launches are expected for the next drupa in May 2012 in Düsseldorf. [...]

CDF as a Competitor to PDF?

Likely not much will ever come of the Computable Document Format, or CDF. However, its proponents hope to position it as “better” than PDF and other document formats by claiming it allows readers to better interact with data. In his post, blogger Paul Boutin describes CDF creator Wolfram Research’s hopes that CDF will “become an established publishing standard adopted by the makers of document editing and viewing software. In a series of interactive demos and videos, Wolfram Research claims CDF documents beat existing formats at interactivity and flexibility, yet don’t require a programmer to create.” [...]

Adobe Sued for Digital Signature Patent Infringement After Acquisition

Only one day after acquiring EchoSign’s digital signature technology, Adobe Systems is being sued for patent infringement. A third-party, RPost, filed a lawsuit against both Adobe Systems and EchoSign claiming their technology infringes on its own patents on “proof of e-mail and document delivery, including recording recipient reply or signoff on the message content,” writes PlanetPDF’s Dan Shea. To see who else RPost is suing, check out the PlanetPDF article. [...]

US District Court Offers PDF/A FAQ for Users

As the US District Courts move to requiring PDF/A formatted documents for e-filling, many questions are arising from users in the various districts. The US District Court of Oregon has provided a list of frequently asked questions about PDF/A on its website. [...]

PDF/A Seminar

Dokumentinfo and the PDF/A Competence Center together will host a PDF/A seminar in Sweden on PDF/A Topics. [...]

PDF/A for the Public Sector

Stewart Rogers, member of the board, will present PDF/A for long term archiving. [...]


The PDF/A Competence Center will be represented by our members at this large IT show in the Middle East.

DMS Expo

VOI will represent the PDF/A Competence Center at the DMS Expo in Stuttgart. [...]

PDF/VT Seminar

Free German-language seminar will provide guidance on PDF/VT. [...]