Monthly Archives: June 2011

Botanical Group Chooses PDF for E-Publication

The International Botanical Congresses (IBC) has decided to embrace PDF. According to a post on the group’s website, “Electronic material published online in Portable Document Format (PDF) with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) or an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) will constitute effective publication.” Changes will go into effect on 1 January 2012. Read the full article for more information. [...]

Switzerland Chapter

The long-term archiving format PDF/A has become established in Switzerland and has been used successfully in numerous projects. Founded in early 2011, the Swiss chapter [...]

Section 508 Now 10 Years Old!

Millions of US citizens use assistive technology (AT) to read electronic content. A decade ago, the US Federal government’s Section 508 regulations, designed to ensure equal access to information, went into effect. 10 years later, it’s time to reflect, both on how far we’ve come and on some of the little surprises along the way. [...]

North America Chapter

The North American Chapter of the PDF Association is expanding its services to members. Get in touch to learn more! Local Contact Duff Johnson An [...]

PDF/VT Seminar

On the day before DMS EXPO, the PDF/A Competence Center organizes a half day PDF/VT seminar about the new format for variable data printing and transactional printing. Don’t miss this event – or do you already know why output management as know today might soon be of historic interest only? [...]

How to Remove PDF/A

Are you working with a PDF/A document? If you would like to remove the PDF/A flag, has provided detailed instructions on how to do just that in four simple steps. [...]

Your Password Can Be Your Weakest Link

Your encryption is only as strong as your password. Using AES encryption, alphanumeric passwords of more than 6 characters and other tips are the subject of PDFlib’s security recommendations article. [...]

What Can PDF Permission Settings Do for You?

PDF can encode various restrictions on document operations, such as printing, editing, copying and extraction, and signing, based on permission settings. Permissions can also determine if a document is encrypted in all or in part, or encrypt an attachment. Would you like to learn more about permissions? [...]

PDF: Security 101

PDF offers a host of security options for document protection. From user and master passwords to open files, permission settings for printing or extracting text, to encryption, information contained in a PDF document can be protected in a number of ways. Would you like to learn more? [...]

PDF/A: A Standard for Document Archiving

TIFF/G4 has competition in the form of PDF/A, says SEAL Systems. The company offers a nicely packaged overview of PDF/A and its software options. [...]