Monthly Archives: April 2011

Going Green with PDF

“Paper products represent the largest portion of the United States’ trash, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In 2007, they made up roughly 68 million tons (or a little over a quarter) of all materials in the municipal waste stream.” PDF can help. [...]

PDF Tips: Making Scanned Files Editable

Kethy Lee offers a step-by-step guide in How to Make Scanned PDF Editable with Google Docs. [...]

Annual Member Meeting

Members of the PDF Association will gather prior to the DMS Expo. [...]

Utah Requires PDF/A for Electronic Paperwork Submission

The Utah Division of Administrative Rules has approved its amendment requiring that all electronically filed documents uploaded into CM/ECF be in the PDF/A format to enhance security and improve the archiving and preservation of case-related documents. No deadline has been set as yet; users may submit documents in both PDF and PDF/A until then. [...]

PDF 101: File Type Pros and Cons

Overview of pros and cons of the PDF file format for beginners; looks at build, security, compression and ability to modify. Factors For Making Use Of PDF – A Backgrounder on PDFs Benefits and Drawbacks is intended to help new users determine if PDF is the right file type for their needs. [...]

Microsoft Windows 8 to Have Built-In PDF Reader

Windows 8 will have [its]own PDF reader named Modern Reader, according to Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott on the Within Windows blog. It is expected to provide “Reader” functionality only, ie open and browse PDF files, rather than the ability to modify. The Windows 8 beta is expected this fall. [...]

PDF/E Part of the Future of Engineering

The 3D PDF Consortium is boosting awareness of the PDF/E standard’s ability to exchange, visualize, archive and retrieve 3D and other engineering data. The group is holding meetings and briefings at COFES, the Congress on the Future of Engineering Software, April 14-17 in Scottsdale, Arizona. ISO 32000-2 is expected to be published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2012 and will improve PDF support for rich media from all sources, such as 3D CAD data. [...]

PDF/VT Special Interest Group (SIG) Captures Limelight for High-Volume Transaction Printing

Published in August 2010 by the ISO, the PDF/VT International Standard offers numerous advantages over previous formats for variable data printing, particularly a very high degree of interoperability. The new Special Interest Group acts as a platform for the exchange of experiences of manufacturers and for conducting interoperability tests around the PDF/VT format. In addition, the considerable know-how of the SIG will soon be available in the form of white papers, webinars and other educational materials. What else does PDF/VT offer? [...]

State Considers Amendment to Offer PDF/A as an Option for Paperwork Submission

The Utah Division of Administrative Rules has drafted an amendment to one of its administrative rules that would permit state agencies to submit incorporated materials electronically in PDF/A format. The draft would also continue to permit an agency to submit incorporated materials in paper format. According to an article by Ken Hansen, “The Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act permits an agency to incorporate materials by reference into its administrative rules. When an agency incorporates materials by reference, the statute also requires that the agency provide the Division of Administrative Rules with a copy of the material incorporated.” [...]

Grand Jury Indictments Now Available Online in PDF

Hillsborough County Superior Court in New Hampshire is now posting PDF files of its grand jury indictments online. Criminal prosecutors there present evidence to the grand jury to determine if there is sufficient evidence to file charges against accused criminals. According to an article by Andrew Wolfe, for the first time, the court’s southern district staff has scanned the photocopied indictments into PDF form, and released them to the media. [...]