Monthly Archives: January 2011

PDF/A Competence Center Extends Range at CeBIT

The PDF/A Competence Center provides a wide range of experience and expertise to answer questions on all aspects of the growing body of PDF standards for document and enterprise content management. Since certification as ISO 19005-1:2005, PDF/A has become established as a preferred archiving format. Increasing numbers of companies and public authorities benefit from the advantage of ISO-standardized technology, ensuring reliability, fidelity and full text search capability in electronic documents.DF/A-2, the second part of the Standard, was ratified in December, 2010 and will be published in 2011. Are you ready for the enhancements it will bring? [...]

Kuwait Documentation and Electronic Archiving Conference & Exhibition

Our new member, Alama Industries, will inform about PDF/A on behalf of the PDF/A Competence Center with a presentation and in the exhibition at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kuwait. [...]

LegalTech West Coast 2011

LegalTech is one of the largest legal technology events of the year, making it a great opportunity to promote PDF/A. Many PDF/A Competence Center members will exhibit at LegalTech (booth 225). Please use the opportunity to meet them in Los Angeles. [...]

Cairo ICT 2011

InfoFort will present solutions around PDF/A at Cairo ICT 2011. [...]

Thinking Beyond the PDF

Duff Johnson considers the Beyond the PDF workshop and suggests PDF/E as a means of developing real-world solutions for science publishing. [...]

PDF/A for Scanned Documents

Carsten Heiermann and Armin Ortmann of LuraTech present  PDF/A for Scanned Documents

Help Build PDF/E!

Interested engineers, scientists and others with a stake in the future of dynamic electronic document technology should get involved with the PDF/E Committee and help fashion the next-generation of scientific, technical and engineering publishing. [...]

PDF/A for Scanned Documents (US version)

Mark McKinney and Armin Ortmann of LuraTech present PDF/A for Scanned Documents

Reviewing the Australian Government’s Report on PDF Accessibility

Duff Johnson reviews a recent report on PDF content accessibility produced by the Australian federal government. The Report accurately characterizes the current state of affairs for Assistive Technology (AT) users attempting to interact with PDF content. However, it does not clearly identify the reasons why most AT users have a poor experience with PDF. Additionally, the Report provides no comparison of PDF accessibility, functionality, remediation complexity or cost with alternative formats. As a result, several of the Report’s key conclusions are unsupported by the data presented. [...]

CommonLook PDF

CommonLook PDF, a plugin for Adobe Acrobat, is the optimal solution for government agencies, corporations and other organizations that need to ensure their PDF files meet Section 508 and other requirements for accessibility. [...]