PDF/A at the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai

Sanat Kulkarni, eDocuMAN Fz LLC

Sanat Kulkarni, eDocuMAN Fz LLC

When the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai was established in 2003, its main focus was to create and service a world-class infrastructure for Dubai. Handling the mammoth amount of information generated during the creation and servicing of this infrastructure was a big challenge.

The major problems faced after realization were:

  1. Generation of more than 150,000 pages daily.
  2. Categorization of the generated paper records.
  3. Establishing a process for archiving 50 million pages of backlogged documents, which had to be finished within 18 months.
  4. Setting up a day-to-day capture process for 150,000 pages. eDocuMAN provided a consultancy service as well as backlog conversion services.

Consultancy service

The following consultancy services were provided:

  1. Explaining the difference between documents, records and archives.
  2. Education on the importance of long-term electronic archiving.
  3. Education on archiving paper information in PDF/A–1b format.
  4. Establishing metadata (8-9 fields) for the different categories.

As part of the study it was determined that the 50 million pages would be divided into 168 categories, with each process being unique.

The document sizes ranged from B5 to A0, with paper thickness varying from as thin as onion skins to as thick as hard boards.

Backlog Services

The total manpower resources assigned were 89 for backlog conversion and 17 persons for day-to-day capture.

  • Separate services were created using imaging libraries
  • A process was defined covering reception to delivery of physical documents
  • Synchronized physical document tracking vis-à-vis electronic documents was established

Conversion of the backlog has now been completed, with the data being archived in PDF/A-1b format for easy long-term retrieval and at the same time adhering to international standards.

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