Monthly Archives: September 2010


The PDF/A Competence Center will be represented by our member InfoFort at the GITEX IT show in the Middle East. [...]

PDF/A Seminar

Mikrografija will host a PDF/A event on Wednesday, November 10th. [...]

ARMA Annual Conference & Expo

The PDF/A Competence Center will have an information booth in the ARMA Annual Conference & Expo in San Francisco which takes place November 7th and 8th. LuraTech Inc., Solid Documents and PDFTron Systems Inc. will be there to offer information about PDF/A and PDF/A-2.

The information booth of the PDF/A Competence Center at ARMA 2010 in San Francisco. [...]

PDF/A: het verleden, heden en toekomst

PDF/A seminar (in dutch) in Woerden, Netherlands. [...]

DMS EXPO: PDF/A Competence Center Shows Applications for PDF/A-2

Integrated handling of the large number of PDF standards in DMS and ECM environments will be an important focus for the PDF/A Competence Center. This year, the PDF/A Competence Center is also taking a wider view, because in the meantime a whole range of ISO standards have developed for PDF. This will be discussed from an integrated perspective along with their use in DMS/ECM environments. [...]

PDF/A Adoption Increasing, but Slowly

Doug Miles, Director of AIIM Market Intelligence, recently posted that PDF/A adoption was making slow but steady progress after he did an small, informal survey of 144 people. Miles asked, “Do you store a significant proportion of your records in any of the following formats (native (eg. .doc, .xls), .pdf, HTML, .tiff, .jpeg, .pdf/a)?” He found that 30 percent of respondents are now using PDF/A, which still lags significantly behind the other specified formats. But that may not be the case much longer. [...]


Introducción al PDF/A

El PDF/A es el PDF para el archivado a largo plazo. El PDF/A que fue aprobado a finales de 2005, es el primer formato de [...]

How to Merge and Sort a PDF

eHow’s Amy Dombrower shares the steps for Adobe Acrobat that will allow a user to combine multiple files to create one PDF document. Once files are added to the PDF, you can sort them in a particular order. [...]

The 3-Heights™ Document Converter Service Enables the World’s First PDF/A-compliant Electronic Website Archiving System

The company secretariat at UBS is responsible for archiving management process documents within the Corporate Center and Business Divisions. During a routine archive review it was discovered that the UBS homepage was not included in the archiving process. Despite an extensive disclaimer on the homepage it was decided that UBS should be able to prove in 5 or 20 years time what it communicates via its homepage today. This would provide UBS with greater security as regards the traceability and verification of communication content and would also be advantageous from a historic viewpoint. Are you curious how they did it? [...]

Document Scanning: Best Practices

PDF can unify content from any source together in a single document. Whether scanned or produced from an electronic source (such as Word), PDF technology makes it easy to deliver any document in a universal viewer. And it’s possible to place scanned images and OCR-generated text in alignment with each other. [...]