Monthly Archives: August 2010

PDF/A-2 a Prominent Theme at PDF/A Conference in Rome

The PDF/A Competence Center is organizing its fourth international PDF/A conference this year. One point of emphasis at the event will be the new part of the standard, PDF/A-2, which is expected to be completed soon. Experts will provide information on the standard’s latest development and explain whether and when a change makes sense and how to go about it. Moreover, some providers will present their first “PDF/A-2 ready” solutions at the accompanying exhibition. [...]

How to Implement PDF/A

The impetus for PDF/A, the archival form of PDF, came from the U.S. Federal Courts, the U.S. Library of Congress and the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. They were concerned about the cost and maintenance of a collection of non-standard PDFs, files that don’t meet the basic promise of PDF to look the same in all places and on all systems. [...]

Comparting 2010

PDF/A Competence Center members will offer information at Comparting 2010. [...]

DMS Expo

The PDF/A Competence Center will be represented again this year by several member companies at our large exhibition booth. [...]

FAN 2010

Meet the PDF/A Competence Center at FAN Expo, Paris (September 15-16, 2010) [...]

PDF Tips: Selecting Text

There are many ways to select text to extract from a PDF. However, PDF has no concept of a “column” and that can complicate matters if the file isn’t tagged. PDF guru Duff Johnson offers his tips to select text that spans columns, to select all the text on a single page, to select all the text in the PDF, and to select text that spans two or more pages. [...]

PDF/A Competence Center Newsletter: Issue 17

Topics include PDF/A-2 at the PDF/A Conference and the Council Directive 2010/45/EU, which demands equal treatment for electronic and paper invoices. An electronic invoice should be readable from the point in time of its issue until the end of its storage period. The use of PDF/A as a storage format for electronic invoices guarantees their reproducibility in all technological contexts longer than legally required: the format characteristics guarantee conformity with the original in all environments and assures the legibility of documents longer than the minimum storage period in Italy of 10 years. The advanced electronic signatures that can be affixed to every PDF/A document completely satisfy the requirement to assure the authenticity and content integrity. This process assures that the document was really originated from his sender and that it wasn’t modified since its issue. [...]