Monthly Archives: August 2009

PDF/A Competence Center and AIIM Announce Seminar

First US-based seminar focused on PDF/A will be held in Chicago. Attendees will learn about ISO 19005-1, document management and electronic document file formats for long-term preservation. Will you attend? [...]

PDF/A Competence Center Newsletter: Issue 11

Topics include the DMS Expo and ArchiSafe’s BSI Protection Profile. Also, those who adhere to the PDF/A standard when archiving electronic documents avoid the risk of important information not being accessible in a few years. In order that an electronic document can be presented before a court, should the need arise, it must be electronically signed. A qualified electronic signature (QES) ensures the admissibility of an electronic document as evidence in a court of law in all European countries. The combination of PDF/A and QES therefore stands for legally binding and evidential long-term archiving. In order that this status remains valid for an “infinite” period of time, the signature should be renewed on a regular basis. [...]