About Klaus Baumeister

Klaus Baumeister is employed by the European Patent Office in Vienna, Austria

He is product manager in the directorate publication of the European Patent Office located in Vienna. After his study of Physics at the University of Würzburg in Germany, he was working 5 years in different IT departments of a German aerospace company. In 1992 he joined the German Patent and Trade Mark Office as patent examiner and IT specialist in internal patent search applications. After a two year engagement as IT consultant for a governmental organization in Saudi Arabia, he joined the European Patent Office in Vienna, where he is responsible for the electronic publication of Euro­pean patent documents on digital carriers and the support of interested partners in electronic patent information creation and dissemination.

The European Patent Office is the patent granting authority for Europe. It is the executive body of the European Patent Organization having currently 35 member states. As one of the core elements of a patent system lies in the publication of the patent documents filed and granted, the European Patent Office every week publishes nearly 4,000 patent documents in standardized formats worldwide on different carriers and online. Due to the fact that patent documents belong to the state of the art after their filing date, the lifetime of a patent document has no expiry date and its readability should be ensured without limitation. For this reason, the European Patent Office is interested in using worldwide accepted international standards for its documentation and publication systems. One of these standards seems to be PDF/A, which the European Patent Office intends to introduce and to provide for all its patent documents ever published.

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