Monthly Archives: June 2009

PDF/A: An ISO Standard

This ISO standard defines a standard format (PDF/A-1) for the long-term archiving of electronic documents and is based on the PDF Reference Version 1.4 from Adobe Systems Inc. (PDF 1.4 is largely equivalent to the functionality implemented in Adobe Acrobat 5). Would you like to learn more about the future development of PDF/A? [...]

PDF/A in Siemens I IA&DT PLM Environment

A discussion of how PDF/A is used in Siemens product lifecycle management systems, including experiences and problems with PDF to PDF/A conversion, MS-Office to PDF/A translation and development plans for the future. Find out how their users reacted to the introduction of the PDF/A file format and how they finished the first year with a stable conversion process. [...]

PDF/A in Product Lifecycle and Document Management at SAFRAN

For aerospace and defence activities, strong compliance requirements have to be fulfilled. One of these requirements is the long-term storage of all technical documentation for the different projects. Read on to learn how SAFRAN migrated from PDF to PDF/A. [...]

PDF/A in Product Life Cycle – Engineering Requirements for PDF/A

All business processes that require documents that are secure and can be reproduced should align themselves to the new PDF/A standard. Three scenarios highlight the fact that missing standards may lead to considerable restrictions in day-to-day operations. Wouldn’t you like to learn more? [...]

XMP Metadata in PDF/A – European Patent Documents in PDF/A

The European Patent Convention says up to 4,000 new patent applications and specifications are published every week. Since its foundation in 1978, the European Patent Office has published around 3.3 million patent documents. The global intellectual property database espacenet storing all electronically available patent documents worldwide contains currently around 80 million patent documents and is growing yearly by more than 2 million documents. Could PDF/A be a solution for them? [...]

Archiving Electronic Health Records – From Paper to PDF/A

Office files and all other electronic documents that the hospital, care facility or medical practice create themselves or receive via e-mail can be converted easily and securely into PDF/A using a PDF printer. In doing so, fonts are embedded or, optionally, only those characters that are actually used. As a result, the files fulfill the ISO specifications for long-term archiving to PDF/A. [...]

From Medical Forms to PDF/A Documents – Archiving Patient Forms in Radiotherapy

The combination of PDF/A and qualified digital signatures is a secure and court-proof way for long-term medical data storage. Handling is easy and becomes a routine process over time. The PDF/A conversion however is done manually, taking time (and therefore money…). A better integration of the PDF/A storage format into the big standard applications would be the next logical step in establishing PDF/A. [...]